Duration: April, 2016 – September, 2017 (18 Months)
Client: Project Director, PMU, Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project, Punjab Irrigation Department
Funding: Asian Development Bank
JV/Association: NESPAK (Lead), ICS-TRS (Association)
Cost of Consultancy: USD 2.64 Million (Rs. 276.86 Million)

Project Components:

  • The Water Resources Division of NESPAK has been awarded detailed design ofJalalpur Irrigation Project through an international competitive bidding. Jalalpur Irrigation Project is expected to increase crop production and reduce the land degradation by minimizing the marginal quality groundwater use. The project envisages construction of new irrigation system and their appurtenant structures to irrigate about 160,000 acres (64749.7028 ha) of land in PindDadan Khan and Khushab area.
  • The command area of JIP is in the form of long strip of land bounded by the salt range hills on northern side and right bank of the Jhelum River on southern side. The main canal namely Jalalpur Canal off-takes from the right flank of the Rasul Barrage, for which provision for the canal Headwork already exists. The main canal with a design capacity of 1,350 cusec (38.22 cumec) will be about 68.35 miles (110 km) long and traverses along the foot hills of salt range.
  • The distribution system will be about 109.36 miles (176 km) long comprising of 18 distributaries and 3 minors. More than 730 structures of various kinds will be constructed across the main canal and distribution system. A flood carrier network will also be provided to carry saline flood water of hill torrents (debouching over the command area) directly to river Jhelum. In addition, these flood carrier channels may also act as collector channels for any drainage effluent and therefore will be beneficial in reclaiming land affected by surface salinity. 66 Nos. of hill torrents of varying catchment size have been identified during the feasibility study which flow across the project area and ultimately fall in Jhelum River.
  • The scope of services includes detailed design of irrigation and drainage network, updating LAPR and EIA studies, preparation of tender documents, PC-I and construction drawings. The duration of cost plus consultancy agreement is 18 months. Under the project, a new irrigation system will be designed to irrigate areas of Tehsil PindDadan Khan of District Jhelum and District Khushab on right bank of the River Jhelum. The project will benefit over 225,000 rural people in 80 villages. The proposed main canal off-taking from right bank of Rasul Barrage is about 68.35 miles (110km) long with design discharge of 1,350 cusec (38.22 cumec). The distribution system of 124.28miles (200km) length comprises 18 distributary canals and three minor canals. More than 780 hydraulic structures of various kinds are anticipated across the main canal and distribution system