Mirani Dam

Mirani dam is located on the Desht river about 30 miles (48 Km) west of Turbat in the Makran division, Balochistan, Pakistan. The Project is located about 380 miles South-West of Quetta. It has Central Makran Range in the north and is located on the confluence of two rivers i.e. Kech and Nihang.
The Project aims at provision of dependable water supply for development of Irrigated agriculture on both banks of the Dasht River. This was the first Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract in the water sector Under WAPDA’s Vision2025 Water & Power Development Programme.
The contract was awarded in June 2002 to Mirani Dam Joint Venture (MDJV) consisting of three local construction companies for Completion of the Project within a period of 4 Years.
A joint venture of local and fireign consultants, Led by NESPAK, provided the Management Consultancy Services to WAPDA for the Project.
The project was completed in 2007.

Total Catchment area 7,964 sq. miles 20,627 Sq. km
Total Catchment area 7,964 sq. miles 20,627 Sq. km
Average annual rainfall 4.21 inches 107 mm
Average annual flow 223,000 acre ft. 275 MCM
Maximum probable flow 623,860 cusecs 17,668 cumecs
Type Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam (CFRD)
Maximum Height 127 ft. 38.7 m
Crest Elevation (SPD) El. 268 ft. 81.7 m
Length 3,080 ft. 939 m
Area 17,982 acres 7,277 hectares(87 sq-km)
Gross Storage 302,000 acre-ft. 372 MCM
Live Storage 152,000 acre-ft. 187 MCM
Normal conservation level (SPD) El. 244 ft. El. 74.4 m
Highest flood level (SPD) El. 276 ft. El. 84.1 m
Average Annual Releases 114,000 acre-ft 141 MCM
Type Ungated with stilling basin<
Design capacity 205,800 cusecs 5,856.7 cumecs
Maximum capacity 384,300 cusecs 10,883.6 cumecs
Waterway (ogee length ) 600 ft. 182.9 m
Crest Level El. 244 ft El. 74.4 m
Type Steel conduit
Diameter 6 ft. 1.8 m
Capacity 377 cusecs 10.7 cumecs
Length 1,490 ft. 454 m
Type Steel conduit
Diameter 3 ft. 0.9 m
Capacity 120 cusecs 3.4 cumecs
Length 855 ft. 260.6 m
Type Gravity, lined canals
Total command area 33,200 acres 13,436 hectares (160.7 sq-km)
On Left bank 12,400 acres 5,018 hectares (60 sq-km)
On right bank 20,800 acres 8,418 hectares (100.7 sq-km)
Left Bank Canal
Design discharge 141 cusecs 4 cumecs
Length 11.84 miles 19 km
No. of Distributaries / minors / water courses 04 / 18 / 77
Right Bank Canal
Design discharge 236 cusecs 6.7 cumecs
Length 12.55 miles 20.2 km
Total Project Cost Rs. 6,959 million US $ 87 million
RAP Cost Rs.1,688 million US $ 21 million
Land affected 19,038 acres 7,705 hectares(92 sq-km)
Economic Internal Rate of Return E.I.R.R 12%

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