Key Qualification

More than 36 years of experience working on around 40 projects in 5 countries in different positions and the experience successfully heading Water and agriculture division of Pakistan’s largest Consulting engineering firm, Nespak, earned key qualifications in:

  1. Administration & Management
  2. Project Planning, Design & Implementation
  3. Planning of Water Resource Development
  4. Hydraulic Engineering
  5. Design of Irrigation infrastructure
  6. Hydropower Planning & Design
  7. Inspection of Dam / Barrage and other hydraulic structures for Safety
  8. Planning & Supervision of Physical & Mathematical Modeling
  9. Transboundary, Inter & Intra-state water management
  10. Advisory services on water sector projects
  11. Business Development
  12. Contract Negotiations
  13. Administration for water infrastructure and asset management
  14. Use of Information Technology in Engineering
  15. Proposal and Report writing
  16. Communication with local and international organizations
  17. Local and international traveling for projects
  18. Contracts & Construction Management