Advisor Water Resources

Employer: Turkpak International (Pvt) Limited (Intermittent)

May 2018 – to date

Project: Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Programme (PIAIP)

Client: Irrigation Department, Government of Punjab

Provide advice and guidance to the project teams. Review the reports and assist the project team in defending their work to the client and the donor agency.

Hydraulic Expert

Employer: Self

June 2018 – July 2018

Project: First Periodic Inspection of Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project – Pakistan

Client: Water & Power Development Authority of Pakistan

Carried out physical inspection of Barrage, Power Channel, Power Complex and their ancillary works and prepared a report.

Vice President / Head Water Resources Division NESPAK

June 2015 – May 2018

Nespak Water Resources Division (WRD) has following specialty sections:

  • Hydraulics, Dam and Hydropower
  • Hydrology, Modelling & Sedimentation
  • Irrigation & Flood Management
  • Contracts & Construction Management
  • Groundwater / Drainage
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Global Positioning System Survey
  • Water Resources Information Technology (Software Engineering)

WRD has more than 600 technical & support staff. Last year turnout of the projects directly handled by the division was Rs. 900 Million (Approx. US $ 9 Million).

Some of the prominent on-going & recently completed projects of WRD are:

  • Rehabilitation & Upgradation of Ballloki Barrage & Lower Bari Doab Canal (LBDC) System
  • Development of Water Resources Management, Information System (WRMIS) and Decision Support System (DSS)
  • Rehabilitating Lower Chenab Canal (LCC) System
  • Lining of Distributaries & Minor in Sindh Province
  • Remodeling of Warsak Canal System
  • Kachhi Canal Project
  • Improvement of Water Resources Management of Indus Basin (IRSA)
  • National Flood Protection Plan-IV (NFPP-IV)
  • Upgradation of Keenjhar Lake system
  • Jalal Pur Irrigation Project
  • Feasibility Study of 120 MW Taunsa Hydropower Project
  • Rehabilitation and Modernization of Jinnah Barrage

General Manager (Hydraulics) / Project Manager & Lead Design Engineer (International Position) of PIAIP Project

September 2009 – June 2015

Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Program (PIAIP) is financed jointly by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Punjab (GOP). Punjab Irrigation Department (PID) was the executing agency of PIAIP Project whose major Components are:

  • Feasibility and Detailed design of the Rehabilitation and Upgrading (R&U) works (including Flood Management) of the Sulemanki Barrage on River Sutlej &Trimmu Barrage and Panjnad Barrages on River Chenab.
  • Feasibility and Detailed design of the R&U works of the Pakpattan Canal System originating from the Sulemanki Barrage and Thal Branch Canals and distribution Systems originating from the main Thal Canal.
  • Feasibility study for R&U works of RQ, QB & BS Link Canals.
  • Seepage and water logging control along TS link Canal.
  • Feasibility study & Detail design for Water Resource Development of Cholistan desert.

Activities Performed: Provided overall direction of all specialists making up the consulting team and appropriately group individuals into work units. Managed relationships with PID, the Punjab Government and ADB as well as with other stakeholders and ensuring timely delivery and quality control of all the required outputs. Environmental & social impact assessment studies, economic analysis, construction planning, preparation of PC-1, Tender Documents and Pre-qualification documents were also part of the project preparation.

General Manager (Hydraulics) / Project Manager Islam Barrage Project

September 2007 – September 2009

Managed all the activities related to the project which included providing directions to all the specialties, coordination with the client and the World Bank and ensuring timely delivery and quality control of all the required outputs. The scope of the project includes review of the feasibility study, detail design of rehabilitation works, improvement of flood management and instrumentation of the barrage. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Studies, Economic Analysis, Construction planning / Scheduling, Preparation of PC-1, Tender Documents and Pre-qualification documents were also part of the project. The project completed with full satisfaction of the client and the World Bank.

General Manager (Hydraulics) / Project Manager – Feasibility study for 40 MW Raw Site Powerhouse at Chashma-Jhelum Link (Tail)

April 2008 – September 2008

Feasibility study for 40 MW Raw Site Powerhouse at Chashma-Jhelum Link (Tail) is being carried out for HK Consortium, Lahore.

Chief Engineer / Head Hydraulics, Dams & Hydropower Section NESPAK

December 2006 – September 2007

As section head responsible for the hydraulics studies of the following projects:

  • Feasibility study of Bara Dam Project
  • Review of Sharda Hydropower Project
  • Feasibility studies of Ravi Syphon & Melsi Syphon Projects
  • Design of small reservoirs & flood carrying channels of new GHQ Islamabad
  • Master Planning of Bagh City, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Design of Spillway & flood carrying channel on Keenjer Lake Project.

Hydraulic Specialist – WAPDA General Consultants for Vision 2025 Projects

June 2005 – December 2006

Responsibility at this assignment was to review, comment and propose improvements in the design and operation of different major water sector projects of Pakistan being executed by WAPDA.  Following projects were reviewed:

  • Mangla Dam Raising Project
  • Duber Khawar, Alli Khawar and Khan Kawar Hydropower Projects.
  • Mirani Dam Project.
  • Kachhi Canal Project.
  • Chashma Right Bank Canal Project.
  • Sehwan Barrage Project.

Dam Design Engineer / Deputy Team Leader Kalboh Dam Project, Oman

April – June 2005

Assisted the team leader in carrying out the studies required for Kalboh Recharge Dam, Oman. Designed the Dam and related structures. Prepared the feasibility and detailed design reports.

Chief Hydraulic Engineer, Punjab Barrages Consultants (A joint Venture of NESPAK, NDC and Atkins UK)

January 2004 – April 2005

As Chief Hydraulic Engineer designed New Khanki Barrage to replace the existing about a century old Khanki Headworks. Also carried out the Feasibility Studies for Remodelling of Taunsa Barrage and Sulemanki Barrage. Plan and supervised Physical Model Studies for Taunsa Barrage and Khanki Barrage.

Principal Hydraulics Engineer, NEAC Consultants

August 2002 – December 2003

Worked with NEAC Consultants, a joint venture of NESPAK, ACE, Binnie Black & Veatch, UK and MWH Energy & Infrastructure Inc. USA for approx. 5 billion U.S $, 3600 MW Diamer Bhasha Dam Project. Designed the spillway and outlet works. Develop river rating curves using HEC-RAS.

(Intermittent Assignments) Hydraulics Specialist, Iran

September – October 2002

Visited following projects in Iran as Hydraulics specialist. Reviewed the design, studied site problems and suggested improvements in the design:

  • Kalagan Dam Project, Iran
  • Zemkhan Dam Project, Iran
  • Dez to Qom Roud Water Transmission Tunnel Project, Iran

Provided advice on following projects of Pakistan:

  • Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project, Pakistan
  • Mirani Dam Project, Pakistan
  • Baglihar Hydropower Project, India
  • Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, Pakistan
  • Design of Shershah Bridge Project, Pakistan

Principal Engineer, Pakistan Hydro Consultants

May 1995 – August 2002

Worked with Pakistan Hydro Consultants, a joint venture of NESPAK, ACE, Ewbank Prece Ltd. Harza Engineering Co. International and Binnie and Partner (overseas) Ltd. for 2.2 billion U.S $ Ghazi Barotha Hydropower Project.
Finalised the hydraulic design of the Ghazi Barrage and its ancillary works, the layout and the hydraulic design of the power channel and ancillary works, i.e. head regulator, cross drainage (superpassages and inlets) and escape structures, fall structures and the tail regulator. Also, designed the syphon spillway, tailrace channel and the low level outlets of the power complex. Designed the protection works of these structures. Carried out detailed layout planning of the bridges across the channel and also the spoil banks along the channel. Carried out unsteady flow studies (transient studies) in power channel using mathematical model “FEQ” and river diversion studies, for the construction of barrage, using computer model HEC-2. Supervised and reviewed the barrage sedimentationstudies on a physical model. Also supervised the physical model studies for the operation of barrage and power complex, river diversion and cross drainage superpassage. Assisted the site staff in solving construction and management problems related to the layout and hydraulics of the structures. Organised and supervised the preparation of the construction drawings and prepared the hydraulic design report.

Senior Design Engineer Water & Agriculture Div

December 1993 – May 1995

Carried out mathematical model and other hydraulic studies involved for the design of “Bridge on River Chenab at Shershah”, Pakistan. Also supervised physical model studies.
Reviewed the “Baglihar Hydroelectric Project, India”, and prepared an alternate design of the project in the light of Indus Waters Treaty 1960.
For “Flood Protection and Drainage Scheme for Bukha Town”, Sultanate of Oman, designed the flood protection scheme. This includes design of about 6 km long flood by pass channels along the flood protection dikes, design of culverts at road crossings an design of the protection works.

Senior Design Engineer, Tehran – Iran

September 1992 – December 1993

For Sistan River Flood Works Rehabilitation Project, designed the river training works of Sistan river. Analysed flood profiles from mathematical hydraulic model, optimised locations and design of flood protection Dikes. Also suggested works for improvement of river meander.

Senior Design Engineer

January 1991 – September 1992

For the Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project, participated in the feasibility studies and the hydraulic design of Ghazi Barrage and 52 km long, 1,600 cumecs capacity power channel and associated structures.

Senior Design Engineer

August 1985 – December 1990

Worked on following projects:

  • “Feasibility Study for dredging of Baran Dam Reservoir” Pakistan
  • “Rehabilitation of Khirther Canal System Project” Pakistan
  • Flood Protection Studies of Area Development Scheme, Dabara & Karak, Pakistan.

Prepared different generalized programs for computing water surface profile and backwater curves, stability analysis of dam, design of channels and for the design of different hydraulic structures.
For Kalabagh Dam Project, Pakistan studied the backwater effect of dam in storm water Nullahs on right bank of river Kabul near Nowshera city using HEC-2, carried out diversion closure studies and supervised the Physical model studies.
Designed dams and related structures for Tang Dam Project, Burj Aziz Dam Project and Gombati Irrigation Scheme, Pakistan.

Junior Engineer

January 1982 – August 1985

Worked on following Projects:

  • Kalabagh Dam Project, Pakistan,
  • Zubair Irrigation Project, Iraq.
  • Rumaitha Irrigation and Drainage Project, Iraq.
  • Euphrates East Drain Project Iraq
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