Kachhi Canal


Duration: December 2011 to December 2015
Client: WAPDA
Funding: Government of Pakistan
JV/Association: NESPAK (Lead), NDC-ACE-BARQAB-EGC (Joint venture)
Consultancy Fee: USD 13.89 Million (Rs. 1455.99 Million)

Project Components:

Kachhi Canal Project is a priority project under WAPDA’s “Vision 2025 Programme”. Kachhi Plain of Baluchistan Province is a large tract of fairly leveled fertile cultivable land. Groundwater resources are limited and generally extremely brackish. The development of sustained agriculture can only be achieved through canal system. Unfortunately, limited resources and non-availability of gravity supplies from the existing source points (Guddu and Sukkur Barrages) are the major constraints for development of irrigation system.

Under the proposed project, Kachhi canal will off-take from Taunsa Barrage over the river Indus in Punjab Province and will irrigate about 713,000 acres (288540.86 Ha) culturable command area in Kachhi plain of Baluchistan province. Before entering the Baluchistan, the proposed Kachhi canal will run parallel to the existing D.G. Khan Canal and Dajal Branch on its right hand side for about 101.28 miles (163 km).

The Project aims to develop a new fertile area of 713,000 acres (288540.86 Ha) in Kachhi Plain through a supply of 6,000 cusec (169.90 cumec) from Indus water. The proposed irrigation system consists of a main canal of about 310.69 miles (500 km) and distribution system of about 932.06 miles (1500 km) besides supplying drinking water to human beings and livestock etc.

The Project would boost the agricultural production in the area. This will also provide opportunities for labor employment which will bring prosperity to the people in the Project area and thus reduce migration of people to other areas for work. Agro based industries will also be developed which would also raise the living standard of the people of the Project area.

For effective administrative & financial control and timely completion of the assignment, the whole project has been divided into twenty one (21) contracts. The project is to be executed in three (3) phases.

The detailed activities of scope of consultancy services includes:

  1. To Revise Construction Drawings, if needed.
  2. Supervise / check layout out of all structures.
  3. Supervise construction activities of the Project to ensure that the project is being constructed as per specifications.
  4. Inspection of materials to be consumed in the works and supervising materials testing in standard or identified laboratory by the client through the Contractor.
  5. Provide instructions to the Contractor necessary for proper execution of the work in accordance with the engineering and technical specifications.
  6. Verification of Contractors Bills for payment & its full check measurements, statements of executed quantities & preparing its progressive abstracts of payments to the Contractor on the format to be provided by the Client.
  7. Verification of the interim and final payments to the Contractor for approval of the Employer. Quality control of the work through laboratory tests as directed by the Client.
  8. Revision of PC-1, in the light of the design and cost variations of the Project.
  9. Testing and commissioning of all the civil, electrical and mechanical components of the Projects in accordance with the design and specification.
  10. Evaluation and processing of Variation Orders before and after approval of the Employer.
  11. Dealing with the claims of the contractors for additional payments, as per the procedures described in the conditions of contract.
  12. Participation in all steering Committee meetings at Project level as and when required.
  13. Giving presentation to concerned agencies as and when needed.
  14. Submitting monthly progress reports to the Client.
  15. The Consultants will supervise and verify the works as stated from I to XVI with effect from date of commencement of services.
  16. The Client will verify the executed works from June 2010 to March 2013.
  17. The Consultants will make a comprehensive report on the flood damages occurred on Kachhi Canal during flood 2010 & 2012.