PIAIP – Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Program


Duration: May, 2009 – June, 2017
Client: Project Director, Project Management Office (PMO) For Punjab Barrages, Punjab Irrigation Department
Funding: Asian Development Bank
JV/Association: NESPAK (Lead), DMC-AAB (JV)
Cost of Consultancy: USD 11.65 Million (Rs. 1,221 Million)

Project Components:

Irrigated agriculture is of paramount importance for the economy of Punjab Province. The irrigation requirements of the province are catered through 14 barrages / headworks which feed a vast network of 24 canal systems and a system of 8 interconnected Link Canals. The existing irrigation system is nearly 100 years old. Most of the barrages and headworks in Punjab were constructed in early 20th century. The structural stability of most of these barrages is now vulnerable due to aging besides other multiple hydraulic/sedimentation/retrogression problems.Moreover, the designed flood discharge capacities of barrages were determined from hypothetical and empirical methods, as the availability of stream gauge data or rainfall data was rare. The barrages have experience flood discharge higher than the design capacity.It is, hence, required to revise the design capacity and address the problems of existing structures.
To address the problems associated with Punjab irrigation system, Government initiated the Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Investment Program (PIAIP) with financial assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB).The project encompasses the Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Rehabilitation and Upgradation of the following barrages and distribution systems:

  1. Suleimanki, Trimmu& Panjnad Barrages
  2. Pakpattan Main Canal & Distribution system
  3. Branches of ThalCanal & distribution system

The project also covers Environmental and Social Impact Assessment studies, development of Environmental Management Plan, preparing Project Cost Estimates, carrying out Economic Analysis, Project PC-I, and preparing Prequalification Document, Bidding Documents, Bid evaluation report etc for procuring requisite works. In addition to that, PIAIP consultants have been entrusted to carry out Feasibility Study for:

  1. Development of Water Resource in Cholistan
  2. Rehabilitation and Upgrading of R-Q, Q-B and B-S-Link Canal
  3. Control of Water logging along Trimmu-Sidhnai Link Canal

Punjab Irrigation Department has now identified the following two additional assignments to be carried out under PIAIP.

  1. Reclaiming Agriculture Land Affected by Water Logging in Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur and Rahimyar Khan Districts.
  2. Detailed Design of Irrigation Development in Cholistan, adjacent to Tail area of Abbasia Canal.