Warsak Canal


Duration: November 2011 – April 2017 (63 Months)
Client: Irrigation Department Peshawar, Govt of KPK
Funding: Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), GoP
JV/Accosiation: NESPAK (Lead), Electra Consultants- ICS (JV)
Cost of Consultancy: USD 4.15 Million (Rs. 435 Million)

Project Components:

  • Warsak Dam was constructed and commissioned in 1961 on River Kabul about 19 Miles North West of Peshawar with financial assistance from CIDA, Govt. of Canada. The irrigation system was constructed during 1963-1967 for irrigating 105,200 Acres (42572.93 Ha) Agricultural land of District Peshawar & Nowshera through Warsak Gravity and Warsak Lift Canals with design discharge of 350 cusec (9.91 cumec) and 200 cusec (5.66 cumec) respectively.
  • Warsak Gravity Canal suffered persistent tail shortages in an average length of 30,000 ft (9,144 m) and Warsak Lift Canal in an average length of 86,000 ft (26,213 m) for a period of 10 and 30 years respectively. In order to ensure supplies, feasibility study of the project was under taken during 2007 by JV of ACE – BARQAAB and remodeling of the canal system was proposed as outcome of the study.
  • Accordingly the office of Project Management Unit (PMU) was established for carrying out Detailed Engineering Design and construction activities. Consultancy Services of the project was awarded to JV of NESPAK, Electra & ICS.
  • It is then proposed to enhance the capacity of the canal system by 700 cusec (19.92 cumec), 400 cusec (11.33 cumec) for Irrigation and 300 cusec (8.50 cumec) for domestic water supply) so as to suffice the designed irrigation requirements of the entire dependent command area. This will not only enable the respective farmer community to extract optimal benefits from their potentially fertile lands for their subsistence but would also contribute to the local economy in shape of enhanced agriculture produce.
  • Furthermore construction of this project will facilitate the Province of KPK in getting a part of its share as per 1991 water accord which it could not avail due to infrastructure constraints.
  • The project covers detailed design of the whole Warsak Canal System, Project Cost Estimates, carrying out Economic Analysis, Project Revised PC-I, and preparing Prequalification Document, Bidding Documents, Bid evaluation report and construction supervision etc for procuring requisite works. The sub components of the project are:
    • Construction of New Auxiliary Tunnel for 700 cusec (19.92 cumec), 400 cusec (11.33 cumec) for Irrigation and 300 cusec (8.50 cumec) for drinking purpose to Peshawar city).
    • Construction of Pump house for Pumping 290 cusec (8.21 cumec) water to 200 feet (60.96m) lift.
    • Conversion of existing 66 KV Grid Station / Transmission Line into 132 KV Grid Station / Transmission Line including 11KV switch gear and cables etc.
    • Remodeling of Warsak Gravity Canal from 350 (9.91) to 456 cusec (12.91 cumec).
    • Remodeling of of Warsak Lift Canal from 200 (5.66) to 290 cusec (8.21 cumec).
    • Remodeling of Distribution System/ Minors.
    • Rehabilitation/ Reconstruction of all structures along the Warsak Canal System.