Kishenganga Hydoelectric Plant


Duration March 2016 – December 2017
Client Office of Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters,
Ministry of Water and Power, Government of Pakistan
Funding Government of Pakistan
Cost of Consultancy USD 1.10 Million (Rs. 134 Million )

Project Components:

  •  Pakistan’s rights on the waters of the Western Rivers have been protected under the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960. In accordance with the procedures laid down in the Treaty concerning construction of the new run-of-river Hydroelectric Projects (HEPs) Government of Pakistan has to examine the designs of the new HEPs proposed by India on the Western Rivers. In case Pakistan feels that India’s designs are in contravention of the design criteria laid down in the Treaty, the matter has to be discussed initially at a bilateral level failing which a recourse is made to the third forum for adjudication. The determination given by the third forum stands final and binding on both the Parties i.e. Pakistan and India.
  • Presently Pakistan’s objections on India’s proposed Ratle HEP and the under-construction Kishenganga HEP could not be settled bilaterally and Pakistan’s Commissioner for Indus Waters has therefore acted in accordance with the provisions of Article IX of the Treaty and suggested the Government of Pakistan to get the differences resolved by the Neutral Expert. In this connection there is a requirement to prepare a robust technical case which would substantiate Pakistan’s objections on India’s designs of Ratle and Kishenganga HEPs during the presentation before the Neutral Expert.
  • In view of above following items hereby define the Consultants’ broader scope of services. It is however important to mention that the Client may require Consultants to undertake necessary analyses which are not mentioned in the below items and otherwise essential to add strength in Pakistan’s case.
  • Complete review of Indian design related to all components of the India’s Ratle and Kishenganga HEPs and to strengthen Pakistan’s objections in terms of legal and design parameters provided in the Indus Waters Treaty of 1960 for construction of a new Run-of-River Hydroelectric Plant on the Western Rivers of Indus Basin.
  • Evaluation of Treaty compliant different possible layouts of India’s Ratle and Kishenganga HEPs with satisfactory performance during the operational life.
  • Execute technical details and calculations of hydrological, hydraulics, and hydropower parameters of the Project in support of Pakistan’s objections.
  • Development and simulation of numerical sediment model individually for India’s Ratle and Kishenganga HEPs.
  • Prediction of long-term sediment behaviour of above mentioned HEPs and effect on the respective river morphology with and without various possible sediment management measures/designs.
  • Estimation of near-field sediment profiles.
  • Provide assistance to the Client in arranging experts for peer review of the technical reports prepared by various technical experts involved in the technical studies.
  • Providing assistance to the Client for preparing the case and presentation to the Review Committee/Negotiators or any other such advisor, engaged by the Client.
  • Providing assistance to the Client for preparing the case and presenting it before the Neutral Expert covering technical and legal aspects. The Consultants shall also respond to any queries/questions put forth by the Neutral Expert as and when required.
  • Providing desired consultancy services, if required, after the Final Determination of the Neutral Expert in this case on mutually agreed terms.